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Oracle's XML Site

This is Oracle's XML headquarters, where you will find Java and C++ XML parsers, the XSQL servlet, and some database and SQL XML utilities.... [May. 14, 1999]

The Apache XML Project

The goal of the Apache XML Project is to provide "commercial-quality standards-based XML solutions that are developed in an open and cooperative fashion, to provide feedback to standards bodies (such ... [Nov. 10, 1999]

XML Parsers

The Web Developers Virtual Library maintains this list of available XML parsers. The list is divided into validating and nonvalidating parsers, with each parser linked to its developer. Links are al... [Jan. 29, 2001]

XML Parsers

PerfectXML is an online resource for XML Developers from Wrox Press. This is a list of XML Parsers, organized by name, platform and type of license. Each page is also linked to the developer site fo... [Jan. 29, 2001]

XML Parsers and Development Tools

Software Technologies is a reference site for web development coding. This is a list of tools and parser libraries for XML application development. Each entry includes a description and a link to th... [Jan. 29, 2001]

XML Parsers and Parsing Toolkits

This section of the Extensible Markup Language (XML) overview page from OASIS. XML Cover Pages, by Robin Cover, provide an extensive list of XML Parsers and XML Parsing Tookits, with descriptions ... [Jan. 29, 2001]

XML Parsers/Processors

XMLSOFTWARE, formally jtauber.com, provides well organised information and resources on XML. This section provides a list of available XML parsers. Each parser entry links to the product page and/or... [Jan. 29, 2001]

XML Parsers: Free XML tools and software

Free XML tools and software is a frequently updated catalog of open source and public domain XML tools. This page is a list of XML parsers identified by name, vendor and supported platform. Each lis... [Jan. 29, 2001]