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Cypher: RDF from Plain Language

Cypher (0.4 Alpha) is a program which generates the RDF and SeRQL representation of a natural language input. Cypher's grammar can be extended to process complex sentences and phrases of any natural l...


Excerpted from the web site: (IBM's DataCraft) "provides an XML view of databases and enables publishing XML forms to the Web." "The two ongoing major initiatives by the W3C is the RDF (Resource De... [Nov. 13, 1998]

EditiX - XML Editor

EditiX is a powerful and easy to use XML editor, Visual Schema Editor and XSLT debugger for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X designed to help web authors and application programmers take advantage of the l...

IsaViz: A Visual Authoring Tool for RDF

IsaViz is a visual tool for Resource Description Framework (RDF) model authoring and browsing that was developed with Xerox's Java-based Visual Transformation Machine user interface toolkit for visua... [Mar. 18, 2002]


JrdfDB is an open source Java interface for rdfDB that allows querying the database using its query language and getting the results back as a row/column dataset in plain Java or as a result tree f... [Sep. 28, 2000]

LOGML (Log Markup Language)

A great deal of information about visitors to Web sites is stored in various computer logs, often more than the visitor or even site owners or maintainers are aware of. Information that can be deduc... [Dec. 8, 2001]

MusicBrainz Metadata Initiative

The MusicBrainz Metadata Initiative was formed to organize a means of exchanging metadata describing media files on the Internet. The vocabulary was employed in the development of MusicBrainz Metadat... [Feb. 19, 2001]

OilEd Ontology Editor

This page posts a download link for OilEd, a freeware ontology editor for building ontologies using Ontology Interchange Language (OIL). In addition to building ontologies, OilEd allows the user t... [Dec. 8, 2000]

RDF Filter (1.0alpha)

Download link for RDF Filter, a streaming, Java- and SAX2-based filter and handler interface for RDF processing. The beginnings of a general-purpose RDF test suite are included with the distributi... [Mar. 27, 2000]

RDF Gateway

The Resource Description Framework Gateway (RDF Gateway) is a distributed data semantic query service. New query methods other than the traditional centralized model have been made possible by RDF.... [Feb. 24, 2001]


RDFAuthor is a Java-based, native OS X application that allows Resource Description Framework (RDF) instance data to be queried or authored via a graphical interface. The application uses Hewlet Pac... [Nov. 25, 2001]

RDFdb: An RDF Database

This is the initial release of RDFdb, a database server for storing Resource Description Framework (RDF) information. It has a SQL-like front end that offers RDF-specific support. Links are provide... [Jul. 26, 2000]


RDFModeller is a tool that allows users to build and edit semantic information graphs via a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The Java-based graphical Resource Description Framework (RDF) editor ena... [Mar. 22, 2001]


RDFStore is a set of Perl modules for Resource Description Framework (RDF) database management. It features a Simple RDF Parser & Compiler (SiRPAC) -like, streaming RDF parser. RDFStore offers a... [Jul. 3, 2001]

The EOR Toolkit

The Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) and the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) have released an extensible set of Java classes and services to aid rapid Resource Description Framework (R... [May. 30, 2001]

The ICS-FORTH Validating RDF Parser (VRP)

Validating RDF Parser (VRP) 1.4 is an update to the ICS-FORTH Validating RDF Parser, a tool for parsing RDF Statements and validating them against an RDF Schema. The parser is a 100% Java applic... [Jul. 21, 2000]

The Jena Semantic Web Toolkit

The Jena Semantic Web Toolkit is a Java Application Programming Interface (API) and software toolkit for manipulating Resource Description Framework (RDF) models. Jena Toolkit integrates both Dav... [Jan. 6, 2002]

Tucana KnowledgeStore

Tucana KnowledgeStore (TKS) is a Java-based Resource Description Framework (RDF) database that is optimized for metadata management and deployable as either a P2P or centralized architecture. It has... [Oct. 2, 2002]

XChart Opnote Generator

The XChart Opnote Generator demo is an XML application which generates surgical operative reports via XSLT templates. The system employs Java servlets and eXtensible Style Language Transformations (... [Sep. 12, 2000]