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A More Sensitive Mail Notifier

This tutorial covers the process of using a Perl script to facilitate the notification of incoming Jabber messages when either a user is not present when the notification arrives or when a user is co... [Jun. 16, 2001]


Apache::XMLStylesheet is a new module for connecting stylesheet processing to Perl. The module performs courtesy functions like checking that the referenced files actually exist before handing off p... [Apr. 26, 2000]


AxKit is a suite of tools for the Apache httpd server running mod_perl for delivering transformed XML to all kinds of browsers and user agents. The toolkit supports full intelligent caching and prov... [Jun. 10, 2002]


CaveScript, also known as CaveScript XML, is an open source suite of tools to assist speleologists with cave surveying and drawing cave maps. The components include: Cave Survey Markup Language (C... [Dec. 12, 2000]


Excerpted from web site: "This module can either create form field values from XML based on XQL style queries (full XQL is _not_ supported - this module is designed for speed), or it can create XML ... [Jan. 28, 1999]

Creating Web Services with XML-RPC

In this tutorial, the author demonstrates combining Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC) and Perl to create a basic platform-independent web service. The service is a simple... [Feb. 19, 2001]

Dare to script tree-based XML with Perl Find out how to work with tree-based document models

Certain tasks can be difficult to accomplish in the event-based methodology. For these cases, the author discusses using Perl, the Document Object Model (DOM) and tree-based options for parsing XML ... [Jul. 18, 2000]

Integrated Resource of Protein Domains and Functional Sites (InterPro)

Integrated Resource of Protein Domains and Functional Sites (InterPro) is an XML databank incorporating information from the Protein Families Database (Pfam), Protein Fingerprint Database (PRINTS), ... [Jan. 28, 2002]

mysql_exportxml: XML Table export for MySQL

mysql_exportxml is a Perl tool for exporting a MySQL (http://www.mysql.com/) table to an XML document. To run the Perl script you must have Perl MySQL support through the Perl DataBase Interface Mod... [Feb. 5, 2001]

Perl News

Perl News is an open source application that displays updates from the Perl community,using RSS to create news boxes. It's available for Unix, Windows 95/NT, Win 32; Mac users can use the program ... [Jan. 15, 2000]

RDF Schema editor

This is an experimental prototype of an RDF Schema editor written in Perl.... [Jul. 6, 2000]


RDFStore is a set of Perl modules for Resource Description Framework (RDF) database management. It features a Simple RDF Parser & Compiler (SiRPAC) -like, streaming RDF parser. RDFStore offers a... [Jul. 3, 2001]

Redland RSS 1.0 Demo

This is a Web-based demonstration of Redland, a library that provides an interface for Resource Description Framework (RDF). Any public RSS 1.0 feed may be entered into the online form for dis... [Jan. 21, 2001]

RSS Applet Configurator

This is a combination tutorial on and generator for Rich Site Summary (RSS) news feed applets. The RSS Applet Configurator service (http://www.webreference.com/cgi-bin/xml/rssappletconfig.pl) is ... [Feb. 6, 2001]

RSS Channel Editor

Previously called "RSS Maker", RSS Channel Editor is an open source Web-based tool for creating and maintaining RSS files that includes many of the RSS 0.91 channel elements. Features include the ... [Mar. 1, 2000]

Savvy: Scalable Vector Graphics Plasmid Map

Savvy is online plasmid mapping software that accepts parameters from a form-based interface and renders a plasmid (a circular, double-stranded unit of DNA) via Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Sa... [Jan. 7, 2002]

SOAP::Lite for Perl

The Perl modules that comprise SOAP::Lite for Perl provide a simple and lightweight interface to the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) on both the client and server side (tested by the author on ... [Jan. 30, 2001]

Taxonomic Markup Language (TML)

Taxonomic Markup Language (TML) is an XML-based application for the classification of organisms in an ordered system, or taxonomy. The TML Document Type Definition (DTD) describes the structure of an... [Jan. 10, 2002]

The Apache XML Project

The goal of the Apache XML Project is to provide "commercial-quality standards-based XML solutions that are developed in an open and cooperative fashion, to provide feedback to standards bodies (such ... [Nov. 10, 1999]

WRAF (Web Resource Application Framework)

The Perl-based Web Resource Application Framework (WRAF) project is developing a Resource Description Framework (RDF) Application Programming Interface (API) to promote the development of semantic we... [Feb. 7, 2001]

Xalan XSLT

Xalan is an XSL processor for transforming XML documents into HTML, text, or other XML document types. Xalan can be used from the command line, in an applet or a servlet, or as a module in other pro... [Apr. 27, 2000]

Xerces Perl

Xerces Perl delivers the benefits of the XML4C DOM Parser in Perl5, including a collection of Perl5 wrapper objects that internally use their XML4C counterparts for scalable and localizable XML DOM ... [Dec. 15, 1999]

XML Clean

XML Clean is a Perl module that converts an ordinary text document to a document that will pass through most XML parsers successfully. The user may set parameters to define the text that should b... [Jul. 29, 2001]


This is a Perl port of the XML-DBMS middleware, which employs an XML-based mapping language to transfer data between XML documents and relational databases. This page also posts links to the origina... [Jul. 31, 2000]

XML-DBMS 1.01 Java Packages for Transferring Data between XML Documents and Relational Databases

This is an update to XML-DBMS, a Java package that employs an XML-based mapping language to transfer data between XML documents and relational databases. The site includes extensive documentation fo... [Jun. 30, 2000]


This site is devoted to XML::Twig, a Perl module that provides a tree interface and allows very large documents to be processed without requiring the use of an event-based based parser such as S... [Mar. 16, 2001]


XML::Xalan is a Perl interface to the Xalan Extensible Style Language Transformations (XSLT) processor. The XML::Xalan package is comprised of three modules: the XML::Xalan::Transformer interface ... [May. 4, 2001]


XML::XPath is a Perl module for parsing and evaluating XPath statements that conforms to the W3C's XPath recommendation. It can either be fed SAX events, or can parse XML directly, either from a fil... [Apr. 28, 2000]


xmlBlaster is a message-oriented middleware (MOM) server written in Java for exchanging messages (described with XML-encoded meta information) between publishers and subscribers. Messages may conta... [May. 17, 2000]


xmldiff is a Perl module for comparing XML documents and displaying the differences. The program uses standard core Perl modules for wide compatibility. xmldiff output displaying the differences bet... [May. 31, 2002]


xmlpp is a Perl utility that formats XML code for improved readability. The program uses standard core Perl modules for wide compatibility. Formatting options include placement of elements on separa... [Apr. 29, 2002]

XSLT Performance With Perl

XSLT Performance With Perl is a performance comparison of the eXtensible Style Language Transformations (XSLT) processors currently available under Perl. Two C++ and one Java processor are included... [Oct. 4, 2000]

You Have Mail

This tutorial explains how to build an e-mail notification system using Jabber, Perl, the Net::Jabber Perl module and the Mail:Internet Perl module. The Net::Jabber module is used to manipula... [Jun. 20, 2001]