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A CSS Editing Mode for Emacs

This CSS1/partial CSS2 compliant module is available for MacOS, Unix, Windows 95/98/NT and Linux platforms. Features supported include the Class attribute, Span element, Inlining Style, Font, Tex... [Jan. 5, 2000]


Ant is an open source project available under an Apache license. Ant was designed to be open and extensible so it could be integrated with many existing popular editors and development environme... [Aug. 9, 2001]

Apache Axis

Apache Axis is the third generation of the Java-based Apache Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) toolkit. The parsing engine is now SAX rather than DOM-based to improve speed. Axis also has Web ... [Jan. 5, 2002]

Attrezzo per Xindice

Attrezzo per Xindice provides a graphical front end to the Apache Xindice XML database. Attrezzo is implemented as a extension to the Eclipse universal application development Integrated Development ... [Apr. 12, 2002]


AxKit is a suite of tools for the Apache httpd server running mod_perl for delivering transformed XML to all kinds of browsers and user agents. The toolkit supports full intelligent caching and prov... [Jun. 10, 2002]

Basic Flat-File-to-XML Mapper

This page includes instructions and a download link for Flat-File-to-XML Mapper, a basic flat file (i.e., fixed width text fields) to XML converter. This Java based program trims elements ... [Dec. 20, 2000]


Bayonne is a freely licensed voice response telephony application server that is part of the GNU Project and a GNU Enterprise component. Rather than being dedicated to one dialect, the server is ... [May. 4, 2001]


CenterPoint/XML is a class library with Simple API for XML (SAX) and Document Object Model Level 1 (DOM) conforming interfaces for reading and writing XML files. It is built upon and requires expat,... [Oct. 16, 2000]


Excerpted from web site: "This module can either create form field values from XML based on XQL style queries (full XQL is _not_ supported - this module is designed for speed), or it can create XML ... [Jan. 28, 1999]


Chimera is a native MacOS X Web browser that is based upon Cocoazilla, a Mach O version of the the Fizzilla browser. Like Fizilla, Chimera employs a Cocoa widget-based front-end over a Unix back-... [May. 31, 2002]


Cocoon is a Java servlet for the automatic creation of HTML through the processing of statically or dynamically generated XML files. Cocoon is also able to perform more sophisticated formatting, suc... [Apr. 4, 2000]

CSIRO SVG Viewer v.0.8

The CSIRO SVG Viewer is a set of open-source Java libraries that allow scalable vector graphics to be displayed within a web browser, with interactive features such as 'zoom' and 'pan'. SVG files ... [Dec. 16, 1999]

dom4j: the flexible XML framework for Java

dom4j is a Java-based, open source framework for reading, writing, navigating and editing XML. It combines features of the Document Object Model (DOM) and Simple Application Programming Interface f... [Apr. 16, 2001]

DTD Generator Frontend

This is Michael Kay's Java-based DTD Generator attached to a frontend (a Python script by Paul Tchistopolski) in an easy to use online version. DTD Generator derives the structure of the DTDs it g... [Jun. 10, 1999]

eNITL The Network Improv Template Language

eNITL is a scripting language engine for C++ applications. eNITL is designed for server-side Internet/intranet applications which generate HTML, XML, SGML, Plain Text, HTTP and other text-based data... [Jan. 14, 2000]

Expat - XML Parser Toolkit

This is the URL for expat 1.2, the last major production release of expat by James Clark. In addition to fixing several bugs, this version adds support for parsing external Document Type Definitio... [Oct. 9, 2000]


Fabula is software developed in XML-based User Interface Language (XUL) as a Mozdev.org project with the goal of developing easy to use (for teachers and children) tools for literacy and bilingual l... [Feb. 6, 2001]


FOP is an open source Java 1.1 application that creates a PDF document from a formatting object tree created from an XML document. XSL-FO working draft formatting objects supported include root, lay... [Jan. 30, 2000]

Gabber - The GNOME Jabber Client

Gabber is a GNOME-based Jabber client for the Linux platform. Jabber is an open source instant messaging (IM) platform that works directly over the Internet, has distributed servers, utilizes an XML... [Dec. 17, 2000]


GCIDE_XML is an XML version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English. It is freely available under the GNU open source license as 13 MB of zip files.... [Oct. 20, 1999]


Gill is a Gnome Illustrator vector graphics editor for Unix that uses SVG as its native format and relies on the Document Object Model (DOM) for graphic storage. ... [Jan. 30, 2000]

GNU plotting utilities: The plotutils Package

The GNU plotting utilities are powerful C/C++ libraries for programmers and technical users. The centerpiece is libplot, a library for exporting 2-D vector graphics in many file formats, including v... [Jul. 19, 2000]

Gnutella: To the Bandwidth Barrier and Beyond

In this report, the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) search solutions company Clip2.com describes the evolution and present condition of the Gnutella P2P file sharing network, based on substantial data it gathere... [Nov. 8, 2000]

IBM's developerWorks Open source zone

IBM's developerWorks open source zone hosts a variety of projects for the open-source community that are all licensed under the IBM Public License (which has been approved by the Open Source Initiativ... [Oct. 8, 1999]

Integrated Resource of Protein Domains and Functional Sites (InterPro)

Integrated Resource of Protein Domains and Functional Sites (InterPro) is an XML databank incorporating information from the Protein Families Database (Pfam), Protein Fingerprint Database (PRINTS), ... [Jan. 28, 2002]


Java Application Programming Interface (API) for RELAX Verifiers (JARV) is a vendor, implementation and schema language independent interface set for validation engines. JARV was originally deve... [Apr. 29, 2002]

JARV driver for Xerces-2

JARV driver for Xerces-2 enables validation of documents against W3C XML Schemas in Apache Xerces-2 through Java Application Programming Interface (API) for RELAX Verifiers (JARV). JARV is a ven... [Apr. 29, 2002]

Jato: The Java/XML Translator

Jato is an XML-based language that describes an XML to Java mapping that can convert XML to Java objects and back. (Jato can be used to perform transformations in either direction.) The language w... [Apr. 16, 2001]

Java XML Representations Benchmark (XMLBench)

Java XML Representations Benchmark (XMLBench) provides several XML related performance tests for Java developers. Available tests include document memory usage, tree walk time, time taken to ou... [Jun. 17, 2001]


libxml is an XML C library developed for the Gnu's Not Unix Network Object Model Environment (Gnome) project. It has both a Document Object Model (DOM) interface, and a (SAX) -like interface desi... [Sep. 19, 2000]

Marquée XML-RPC

Marquee is a Java implementation of Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC) that builds upon Hannes Wallnoefer's XML-RPC Library for Java. Marquee offers a server that can be ... [Aug. 15, 2001]


MDSAX is a Java package that can be used to transform XML documents into structures built from a programmer's own Java classes. MDSAX uses ContextML (the Context Markup Language) to define an XML doc... [Oct. 20, 1999]

Mozilla Strikes Back

Until recently the author thought his only use of the Mozilla browser would be as a rendering system for Galeon (http://www.xml.com/pub/r/Galeon), but the nightly Mozilla builds are now show... [Sep. 15, 2000]

MXP1: xml pull parser

Maximum Perf. Minimum Size XML Parser (MXP1) is a Java-based non-validating pull parser that implements the Common Application Programming Interface (API) for XML Pull Parsing specification. In a pu... [Apr. 29, 2002]


This is a large and growing collection of news feeds available free for use as site content. The feeds are available in a variety of formats, including Resource Description Framework (RDF) files. Th... [Aug. 14, 2000]

Next Generation P2P Will Help Portal Users Search One Another

Most search engines and indexers are based on the assumption that the user is looking for something that will be found at a web site. The author of this article challenges that assumption and argues... [Nov. 7, 2000]

OpenSHORE XML Merger Inserts/merges XML tags from different sources in text files

OpenSHORE XML Merger (XMLM) is an open source tool to insert XML tags from differnt sources into one or more text files. The Java program reads a very simple file format (*.xmlm files) with one XML c... [Jan. 25, 2004]

Ozone: The Open Source Java ODBMS

The Ozone object server is a pure Java, Object-oriented Database Management System (ODBMS) that provides an environment for the development of object-oriented Java database applications. Ozone ... [May. 3, 2001]


Pathan is a C++-based, open source XML Path Language (XPath) processing library. The library, which supports XPath 1 (XPath 2 support is planned for Pathan 2) and DOM Level 3 XPath Specification, w... [Oct. 2, 2002]


The Platform-Independant Remote Procedure Call Architecture (PI-RPC) an XML-RPC framework under development by the OpenRPC Project. PI-RPC's goal is to modify and extend XML-RPC's original capab... [Aug. 12, 2001]

POCO - The C++ Portable Components

C++ class libraries for network-centric, portable applications, integrated perfectly with the C++ Standard Library. Includes network protocols (Sockets, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, etc.) and an XML parser ...

Project "eL": The XML Leningrad Codex

The XML Leningrad Codex markup project is producing a "mirror image" of the Leningrad Codex of the Hebrew Bible, encoded at the character/glyph level in Unicode and suitable for use in XML aware app... [Jan. 11, 2001]


RDFAuthor is a Java-based, native OS X application that allows Resource Description Framework (RDF) instance data to be queried or authored via a graphical interface. The application uses Hewlet Pac... [Nov. 25, 2001]


RDFModeller is a tool that allows users to build and edit semantic information graphs via a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The Java-based graphical Resource Description Framework (RDF) editor ena... [Mar. 22, 2001]


RDFStore is a set of Perl modules for Resource Description Framework (RDF) database management. It features a Simple RDF Parser & Compiler (SiRPAC) -like, streaming RDF parser. RDFStore offers a... [Jul. 3, 2001]

Regular Fragmentations

Regular Fragmentations applies regular expressions during parsing to break textual content into fragments. Built upon the filtering abilities of Simple Application Programming Interface for XML 2.... [Aug. 13, 2001]


Reptile is Java and XML -based distributed content syndication and management software with privacy protection from co-founders of the Jakarta Jetspeed project. The extensible architecture integrate... [Feb. 14, 2002]

RXP An XML parser available under the GPL

RXP 1.2 is a thread-safe validating XML parser written in C, and distributed as C source, that supports Unicode, ISO 8859-1, ISO 8859-9 and XML Namespaces. It currently runs on the Win32, Solaris an... [Sep. 18, 2000]

Sketch v.0.6.4

The newest version of Sketch, a full-featured vector drawing tool implemented with Python for Linux and Unix platforms , fixes several bugs with the postscript procset and font file parser. Sketch... [Jan. 19, 2000]


SMILGen is a Python–based, open source XML and Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) development tool for the RealOne platform. The editor supports SMIL 1.0, SMIL 2.0, RealPix an... [Oct. 30, 2001]

SportsFeed Xml Processor

You can use SportsFeed Xml Processor to automate transforming and importing remote or local xml data into many different databases including Sql Server, Mysql, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSql and others. ...

SQLProcessor for Cocoon

The Cocoon publishing system is a Java servlet capable of using a number of formatters and processors for output. One is the SQLProcessor, which performs SQL queries, translates the result set into ... [Apr. 4, 2000]


StarDOM is a Python-based utility for converting STAR information into XML by creating a Document Object Model (DOM) representation of the Star data. Self-Defining Text Archival and Retrieval (STA... [Jan. 7, 2002]

Sun XML Datatypes Library

The Sun XML Datatypes Library is Sun's Java implementation of XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes, and is intended for use with applications that incorporate the specification. XML Datatypes Library may... [May. 21, 2001]

The Apache XML Project

The goal of the Apache XML Project is to provide "commercial-quality standards-based XML solutions that are developed in an open and cooperative fashion, to provide feedback to standards bodies (such ... [Nov. 10, 1999]

The EOR Toolkit

The Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) and the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) have released an extensible set of Java classes and services to aid rapid Resource Description Framework (R... [May. 30, 2001]

The Jabber Jihad Universal Instant Messaging

The topic for this O'Reilly Network Open Source Roundtable the Jabber open source instant messaging protocol.The discussion covers: America Online's AIM (America Online Instant Messenger) protocol a... [Nov. 7, 2000]

The Jabber Protocol

This is the main gateway for obtaining details on the XML Protocol for Jabber, a new open source instant messaging platform that works directly over the Internet. Jabber uses distributed servers, u... [Nov. 13, 2000]

The Open Healthcare Group

The Open Healthcare Group is an organization devoted to the promotion and distribution of a free, open source health record (XChart, an XML-based open source electronic healthcare system). Openhealt... [Sep. 12, 2000]

The OpenPrivacy Initiative

OpenPrivacy is an open source, distributed, cryptographically secure platform for sharing anonymous demographic profiles. The development goal is to allow users to receive the benefits of sharin... [Feb. 25, 2001]

The Schematron

The Schematron is an XML structural validation language that uses patterns in trees instead of being based on grammars. It was designed to be easily implemented on top of any XSLT-compliant processor... [Oct. 25, 1999]

The XSLT C library for Gnome

GNU Network Object Model Environment (GNOME) XSLT Library, also known as libxslt, is a plain C library for processing Extensible Style Language Transformations (XSLT) for the GNOME desktop environme... [Feb. 19, 2001]

TopXML XML Code Library

The TopXML XML Code Library holds about 250 (to date) open source code snippets contributed by developers in the large TopXML public markup community, which includes resources and partners such as T... [Apr. 29, 2002]

TREX - Tree Regular Expressions for XML

This is the home site for James Clark's Tree Regular Expressions for XML (TREX) language for validating XML documents. TREX is described as a Schema Language, but its purpose is "purely validation".... [Jan. 10, 2001]

Unicorn XSLT Processor, Professional Edition

The Unicorn XSLT Processor, Professional Edition, is an eXtensible Style Language Transformations (XSLT) processor with a focus upon achieving interoperability between XSLT and other information pro... [Sep. 26, 2000]

WDDX (Web Distributed Data eXchange)

WDDX stands for Web Distributed Data eXchange. WDDX is a technology for exchanging complex data structures between programming languages. It has been designed with web applications in mind. WDDX cons... [Sep. 17, 1998]

XAF (Architectural Forms Processor)

Excerpted from the web site: "The Java XAF package allows you to process architectural forms with any Java-based, SAX-conformant XML parser. The core of the package is a SAX driver, com.megginson.xm... [Jul. 15, 1998]

Xalan XSLT

Xalan is an XSL processor for transforming XML documents into HTML, text, or other XML document types. Xalan can be used from the command line, in an applet or a servlet, or as a module in other pro... [Apr. 27, 2000]


XChart is an XML-based open source electronic healthcare system designed to combine the ease, speed and portability of paper systems with the efficiencies of computerized records, in a format that i... [Sep. 11, 2000]

XChart Opnote Generator

The XChart Opnote Generator demo is an XML application which generates surgical operative reports via XSLT templates. The system employs Java servlets and eXtensible Style Language Transformations (... [Sep. 12, 2000]


XDBM is an XML Database Manager provided as an embedded database for use within other software applications through the use of a DOM-based API. XDBM stores XML content in a pre-parsed format so that a... [Dec. 17, 1999]


Xerces C++ is a validating parser written in a portable subset of C++ that conforms to DOM 1.0 and SAX 1.0. Additionally, early implementations are included for DOM Level 2 and SAX version 2.0. Sour... [Nov. 9, 1999]


Xerces-J is the Java open source parser made available by the Apache XML Project.... [Nov. 10, 1999]

Xerces-J FAQ

This is the kickoff page for an extensive collection of FAQ dealing with the Apache XML project.... [Nov. 10, 1999]

xframe - xsddoc xsddoc

The xsddoc subproject of xframe is an Open Source documentation tool for W3C XML Schemas based on XSLT and XalanJ. The current release is 0.4-beta. We created some samples to test and demonstrate ... [Apr. 1, 2004]

Xindice (dbXml) Browser

Xindice browser is a Java Swing application for browsing documents, collections, tree views and source served by Apache Software Foundation's Xindice native XML database (formerly known as dbXML). T... [May. 31, 2002]

XML Component Java API Reference

The Stylus Studio XML IDE provides integrated development support for virtually every industry-standard XML processing component, thus ensuring compatibility between your XML development environment...

XML Security Library

XML Security Library (XMLSec) is an OpenSSL- and libXML- based C library developed for support of major security standards, including XML Signature, XML Encryption, Canonical XML and Exclusive Canon... [Apr. 12, 2002]

XML Virgule Language

XML Virgule Language is an XML-data-driven scripting language that is conceptually similar to Lisp. XVL has a dynamically extensible API. The original was written in C, but in the latest release, m... [Aug. 11, 2001]

XML-RPC Flash Client

XML-RPC Flash Client enables the building of an Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC) client in Macromedia Flash. The distribution provides an ActionScript file to be included... [Aug. 3, 2001]


The XML::LibXSLT Perl module is an Extensible Style Language Transformations (XSLT) library based on the Gnome libxslt engine. Nearly all of XSLT's features are implemented and the author found i... [May. 4, 2001]


XML::Xalan is a Perl interface to the Xalan Extensible Style Language Transformations (XSLT) processor. The XML::Xalan package is comprised of three modules: the XML::Xalan::Transformer interface ... [May. 4, 2001]

xmlconf.sourceforge.net XML Project at SourceForge

A new XML Project offering a rich resource for XML developers has formed at SourceForge. It's main purpose is to act as a resource host and community focus for XML related testing efforts, focusing ... [Aug. 1, 2000]


xmlpp is a Perl utility that formats XML code for improved readability. The program uses standard core Perl modules for wide compatibility. Formatting options include placement of elements on separa... [Apr. 29, 2002]


Java package for creating and persisting xml messages to a database. Designed to simplify mapping of database tables to a canonical data model. ...

Xparse-J 1.0 User documentation

Xparse-J is a Java based XML parser that "aspires to be the smallest Java XML parser on the planet". This page contains documentation and a download link for Xparse-J. Xparse-J is a literal tra... [Jan. 19, 2001]


xs3p is a "pretty printer" for XML Schemas. It can be used for improving schema readability and to generate detailed, attractive documentation. The xs3p Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XSLT... [Aug. 22, 2002]


XSLTunit from Examplotron author Eric van der Vlist applies the "test first programming" principle from Extreme Programming (XP) to bring unit testing to Extensible Style Language Transformations (XS... [May. 23, 2001]

XTooX - Free XLink processor

XTooX is an open source XML Linking Language (XLink) processor for making inline links from out-of-line extended XLinks, or "folding a linkbase". This enables web sites to be generated using an Exte... [Apr. 30, 2001]

Xybrix XML Application Construction Kit

The Java-based Xybrix application framework is an Application Programming Interface (API) that is primarily (but not exclusively) for building XML applications. Xybrix employs XML for defining the p... [Oct. 23, 2001]


The Zeus Java to XML binding tool is intended to provide developers a higher level Application Programming Interface (API) than the Document Object Model (DOM) or Simple API for XML (SAX) to increas... [Feb. 19, 2001]


The Zeus Java to XML binding tool is intended to provide developers a higher level Application Programming Interface (API) than the Document Object Model (DOM) or Simple API for XML (SAX) to increas... [Mar. 14, 2001]


Zope is a Python-based Open Source application server with built-in support for WebDAV and XML-RPC. Zope comes with its own XML parser (written in C). Zope's object-oriented content database can be e... [Dec. 14, 1999]