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Oracle's release of XSQL Pages is packed with enhancements like a new tutorial, annotated demos and new commands that let you nest queries and results from one XSQL page insid... [Jan. 30, 2000]

An XML toolkit for Web servers

This article proposes an easy way to XML-enable your Web server. The author describes a four step process (with product recommendations and links along the way); installing Java, enabling servlets, ... [Aug. 31, 2000]


Ant is an open source project available under an Apache license. Ant was designed to be open and extensible so it could be integrated with many existing popular editors and development environme... [Aug. 9, 2001]

Apache Axis

Apache Axis is the third generation of the Java-based Apache Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) toolkit. The parsing engine is now SAX rather than DOM-based to improve speed. Axis also has Web ... [Jan. 5, 2002]

Arquemie Document Server V1.0

The Arquemie Document Server is a Java Servlet for publishing documents, it provides a user customizable website based on a hierarchical table of contents. Product Features Supports complex docu...


Cocoon is a Java servlet for the automatic creation of HTML through the processing of statically or dynamically generated XML files. Cocoon is also able to perform more sophisticated formatting, suc... [Apr. 4, 2000]

Crudlets: Making Peace Between Extreme Jini and XML Viewpoints

Crudlets were originally developed during the construction of the Risk2Risk Business-to-Business (B2B) trading exchange, and with the intent of bridging the gap between Jini (sometimes known as ... [Mar. 16, 2001]

Developing, Applying and Optimizing XSLT with Java Servlets

In this article, the author describes programming techniques commonly used when Extensible Style Language Transformations (XSLT), Java Servlets, and XML are combined to create sophisticated web appl... [Jan. 29, 2001]


Fragserver is a Java Web Application designed for running on Apache servers that is based upon support for the XML standard for receiving and parsing parts of or isolated elements in an XML document... [Aug. 15, 2000]

Inside XSL-T

EXtensible Style Language Transformations (XSLT) is a powerful mechanism for transforming XML documents into something else, even non-XML formats such as Rich Text Format (RTF) or Portable Document ... [Aug. 24, 2000]

Introduction to Jakarta Struts Framework

This article is the first installment of a two part tutorial introducing the Apache Software Foundation's Jakarta Struts Framework. The tutorial assumes some familiarity with XML, servlets, JSP and... [Sep. 19, 2001]

JSP technology and SVG Introduction to JSP and SVG

This tutorial shows to generate SVG content dynamically using Java Server Pages (JSP) for applications such as dynamic graphs, maps, banners and advertisements. Topics covered include setting the ge... [Aug. 7, 2000]


JXTA XML-RPC is a Juxtapose (JXTA) data binding for Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC) that provides a working example for starting and interacting with JXTA code. JXTA XML-... [Aug. 10, 2001]

Marquée XML-RPC

Marquee is a Java implementation of Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC) that builds upon Hannes Wallnoefer's XML-RPC Library for Java. Marquee offers a server that can be ... [Aug. 15, 2001]

Oracle Business Component Editor for Linux Developers

The Business Component Editor (BCE) allows Linux developers to leverage the productivity and benefits provided by Oracle Business Components for Java, a standards-based, server-side framework for cr... [Jun. 19, 2000]

Oracle XML Developer's Kit

Oracle XML Developer's Kit (XDK) is a collection of utilities for manipulating XML in Oracle databases. The Java-based suite is available in versions for Java, JavaBeans, C, C++ and PL/SQL dev... [Nov. 15, 2002]

Oracle XSQL Servlet

Oracle's XSQL Servlet uses the latest version of the Oracle XML Parser for Java v 2 and includes support for any JDBC driver as well as support for many popular servlet engines including: JServ, JRun... [Oct. 20, 1999]


Reptile is Java and XML -based distributed content syndication and management software with privacy protection from co-founders of the Jakarta Jetspeed project. The extensible architecture integrate... [Feb. 14, 2002]


SAXON is a collection of tools for processing XML documents. The SAXON package components are an XSLT processor, a Java library which supports a similar processing model to XSL but allows full progr... [May. 7, 2000]

Servlet Programming for Teams

This Netscape ViewSource article by Benoît Marchal presents a technique for cleanly separating the presentation aspect from the application logic when using Java servlets, using XML.... [Oct. 14, 1999]

SQLProcessor for Cocoon

The Cocoon publishing system is a Java servlet capable of using a number of formatters and processors for output. One is the SQLProcessor, which performs SQL queries, translates the result set into ... [Apr. 4, 2000]

The Dazzle server

The open source Dazzle servlet is a server framework for Distributed Sequence Annotation System (DAS) that works with servlet containers such as Tomcat. The Dazzle page includes links to a Dazzle s... [Jan. 29, 2002]


The Framework for Distributed Organizational Memories Resource Description Framework Visualization Tool (FRODO RDFSViz Tool) is a visualization service for ontologies (shared conceptualizations) rep... [Oct. 2, 2000]

The Open Healthcare Group

The Open Healthcare Group is an organization devoted to the promotion and distribution of a free, open source health record (XChart, an XML-based open source electronic healthcare system). Openhealt... [Sep. 12, 2000]

Using Saxon's Java API in PHP4 to transform XML

In this tutorial the author begins by introducing PHP4's Java support and the increasing support for eXtensible Style Language Tranformations (XSLT), then explains how how to use the Saxon XSLT ... [Jul. 11, 2000]

WAX Overview

This is the home page for Morphis Wireless Abstract XML (WAX), an XML-based language and tool set in development by the maker of the Morphis open source wireless content transcoder. The WAX environme... [Feb. 25, 2001]


XChart is an XML-based open source electronic healthcare system designed to combine the ease, speed and portability of paper systems with the efficiencies of computerized records, in a format that i... [Sep. 11, 2000]

XChart Opnote Generator

The XChart Opnote Generator demo is an XML application which generates surgical operative reports via XSLT templates. The system employs Java servlets and eXtensible Style Language Transformations (... [Sep. 12, 2000]

XML in the Real World

This tutorial follows a real world use of XML and XSL for dynamically generated pages. The examples detail how XML, a Java servlet, an Enterprise Javabean and an XSL style sheet interact to handle a... [Jun. 21, 2000]

XML Network Server

XML Network Server is a Java-based host for ecommerce or enterprise application integration networks that enables many-to-many sharing of XML data in real time. Its requests can be routed based o... [Feb. 25, 2001]


XML WEB GUI is a validating XML editor that runs in Internet Explorer 5 or later, Mozilla, Netscape 6 or later and any Document Object Model- (DOM) compliant browser. It is based on Extensible Hyper... [Mar. 11, 2002]