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Different XML tools are suitable for different projects. Ælfred concentrates on optimising speed and size rather than error-reporting, so it is most useful for deployment over the Internet. Æl... [Aug. 25, 1998]

Electric XML

Electric XML is an open source Java-based XML parser designed to have a small memory footprint and an intuitive operation as part of the GLUE distributed computing platform. Electric XML parses Do... [May. 22, 2001]

IBM's XML for Java EA2

IBM's XML for Java EA2 is a Java-based validating parser that been updated (as of October 8, 1999) to support SAX 2, have limited support for the 9/24/1999 XML Schema Working Draft, and limited suppor... [Oct. 17, 1999]

Java Project X TR2

This Technology Release 2 is a maintenance release including many bug fixes. The source code is available under a commercial license, but this release is experimental and is not supported.... [Sep. 27, 1999]

Java XML Representations Benchmark (XMLBench)

Java XML Representations Benchmark (XMLBench) provides several XML related performance tests for Java developers. Available tests include document memory usage, tree walk time, time taken to ou... [Jun. 17, 2001]


MinML-RPC 0.1 is a minimal eXtensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Call (XML-RPC) implementation that will run on small embedded systems (about 512Kb of RAM). It supports the entire XML-RPC ... [Aug. 1, 2000]

MinML: A minimal XML parser

This is the first production release of MinML, a minimal XML parser for embedded Java systems. The parser features a small memory footprint to operate on small embedded systems with minimal cons... [Jul. 7, 2000]

MXP1: xml pull parser

Maximum Perf. Minimum Size XML Parser (MXP1) is a Java-based non-validating pull parser that implements the Common Application Programming Interface (API) for XML Pull Parsing specification. In a pu... [Apr. 29, 2002]

NanoXML: A Lightweight XML Parser

NanoXML is a very small (5KB) XML parser for Java. Originally part of the Abstract User Interface Toolkit (AUIT), NanoXML 1.3 is now also released as a separate project.... [Apr. 30, 2000]

Oracle's XML Parser for Java v2

This is the version 2 release of Oracle's Java-based validating XML parser which has XSL support. As of October 7, Extension functions support was added which allows users of the XSL processor to cal... [Oct. 17, 1999]

Oracle's XML Site

This is Oracle's XML headquarters, where you will find Java and C++ XML parsers, the XSQL servlet, and some database and SQL XML utilities.... [May. 14, 1999]

Using XML in Oracle Database Applications

Inner workings of Oracle database software XML generation, processing and interactions described and illustrated.... [Nov. 29, 1999]


Xerces-J is the Java open source parser made available by the Apache XML Project.... [Nov. 10, 1999]

XML Component Java API Reference

The Stylus Studio XML IDE provides integrated development support for virtually every industry-standard XML processing component, thus ensuring compatibility between your XML development environment...

XMLtp 1.3

XMLtp is a tiny XML parser/processor written in Java. It is meant for use where a small footprint XML processor is needed by applications that store their internal data in XML format.... [May. 7, 2000]

Xparse-J 1.0 User documentation

Xparse-J is a Java based XML parser that "aspires to be the smallest Java XML parser on the planet". This page contains documentation and a download link for Xparse-J. Xparse-J is a literal tra... [Jan. 19, 2001]


XT is a Java-based XSLT implementation that uses the XP parser. XT can be used with other SAX-compliant parsers (but Clark warns to choose one which provides locator information for the error messa... [Oct. 12, 1999]

Ælfred XML Parser for Palm

A download link for Public Release 1 of Ælfred for Palm, one of the emerging solutions for an explosion of internet appliances in need of machine independent development tools but without the horsep... [May. 10, 2000]