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This site was created to be a center for development for open source biological DTDs. There is a BioXML Wiki page of documentation including an explanation of the BioXML Architecture and a BioXML Tut... [Jun. 4, 2001]


BizTalk is a Microsoft-backed consortium to facilitate the development and distribution of the BizTalk flavor of business-oriented XML Schemas. There is also a schema repository and a mailing list on... [Jun. 30, 1999]


FinXML is a consortium solely concerned with supporting the creation and management of the FinXML language, a language designed for "the integration and exchange of digital information in capital mark... [Jul. 7, 1999]


This site was previously James Tauber's site at jtauber.com. It provides links to a variety of DTDs, organizations, and standardization efforts to seed other DTD repositories.... [Mar. 15, 1999]

XML Registry and Repository

IBM's XML Registry/Repository (XRR) is a service that allows developers to locate or submit schemas, stylesheets, Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) instance documents and other XML artifacts.... [Jun. 11, 2001]


XML.org is an XML registry and repository backed by OASIS (the Organization for the Advancement of structured Information Standards). The site is designed to both a central registry for XML schema... [May. 15, 1999]

XML.ORG Registry

The XML.ORG Registry is a central clearinghouse for developers and standards bodies to publicly submit, publish and exchange XML schemas, vocabularies and related documents. It will also be reso... [Jun. 21, 2000]