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DSML is an XML language for LDAP directory content. DSMLGateway is a prototype Java-based XML-RPC gateway server for accessing directory data over XML-RPC. At this point, it can represent directory ... [May. 25, 2000]


Eikon is a Java -powered prototype for distributed image search engine software. The engine receives the URL of an image, then locates a user-defined number of similar images on the network. The quer... [Feb. 14, 2002]


IdooXoap is a toolkit for communicating via SOAP that uses SOAP Contract Language (SCL) or service descriptions. It's able to generate completely self-contained client stubs from a SCL descripti... [Aug. 19, 2000]

JAX Pack

The Java APIs for XML (JAX) Pack integrates all of Sun's programming interfaces for web services development and makes them available as a single download. Included in the bundle are Java API ... [Jul. 2, 2001]


The Application Programming Interfaces in the Java API for XML (JAX) group comprise an integrated tool set for building Web services with Java and XML. The Java API for XML- based Remote Proc... [Jul. 2, 2001]

Marquée XML-RPC

Marquee is a Java implementation of Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC) that builds upon Hannes Wallnoefer's XML-RPC Library for Java. Marquee offers a server that can be ... [Aug. 15, 2001]


MinML-RPC 0.1 is a minimal eXtensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Call (XML-RPC) implementation that will run on small embedded systems (about 512Kb of RAM). It supports the entire XML-RPC ... [Aug. 1, 2000]

Movable Type

Movable Type is Perl-based Web publishing software. The focus of the program is easing the linking, text editing, uploading, page creation and site maintenance work required to publish a frequently ... [Mar. 31, 2002]


Frequently Asked Questions for SOAP maintained by Microsoft Developer Network, including information on SOAP 1.1, SOAP and CORBA applications, and SOAP and DCOM applications.... [May. 10, 2000]


A web-based desktop web development application built in eXtensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC). It's basically a limited version of Frontier; a HTML and XML editor, outliner, o... [Apr. 11, 2000]


pocketSOAP is a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) client Component Object Model (COM) component originally targeted for the PocketPC that is now developed for Pocket PC and Windows 95, 98, Me, NT... [Jan. 1, 2001]

Python Autonomous Agent Infrastructure

Python Autonomous Agent Infrastructure (pyagent) is a Python-based distributed infrastructure for developing mobile Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents. Pyagent drives the Linux, Apache, MySql and ... [Jun. 9, 2001]

Radio Userland

Radio Userland is Web publishing software that implements a both a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server and client on the user's desktop to house a blogging environment. On installation Radio ... [Mar. 27, 2002]

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.1

SOAP is an XML based object protocol for the exchange of information in a decentralized, distributed environment. It consists of: an envelope that defines a framework for describing what is in a mes... [May. 8, 2000]


SOAP defines an RPC mechanism that uses XML documents for the encoding of invocation requests and responses for client-server interaction across a network by HTTP as the base transport. ... [Sep. 15, 1999]

SOAP 1.1 Validator Web Application

The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.1 Validator Web Application accepts addressing information for your server, and returns the results of testing a suite of scripts (http://soap.weblogs.com/... [Feb. 6, 2001]

soaplib.py SOAP for Python

soaplib.py is a client-side implementation of the SOAP 1.1 protocol for Python. According to the developer, it is best suited for XML-RPC style communication between two Python programs.... [Jun. 27, 2000]

WDDX (Web Distributed Data eXchange)

WDDX stands for Web Distributed Data eXchange. WDDX is a technology for exchanging complex data structures between programming languages. It has been designed with web applications in mind. WDDX cons... [Sep. 17, 1998]

WebBroker (WebBroker: Distributed Object Communication on the Web) Member Submission - Note

Abstract: "As of the time of this writing [1998/04] the necessary technological foundation exists to create a unified distributed computing model for the Web encompassing both document publishing an... [May. 11, 1998]

XML Protocol Abstract Model Working Draft

This specification describes an Abstract Model of XML Protocol that is not tied to any particular approach to implementation. According to this Working Draft, "An XML protocol application may engage... [Jul. 9, 2001]

XML Protocol Activity

The goal of the XML Protocol Activity is to develop technologies which allow two or more peers to communicate in a distributed environment, using XML as its encapsulation language. The initial focus... [Jul. 9, 2001]

XML Tools 2.1

XML Tools 2.1 lets AppleScript, the system-level macro/messaging/scripting language in the Macintosh OS, to parse and generate XML data. This enables applications such as reading Rich Site S... [Aug. 18, 2000]

XML-CORBA Link (XORBA) Light Weight XML-CORBA Integration

XML-CORBA Link is a light-weight integration solution that web-enables existing CORBA systems without re-engineering. Allows CORBA systems to be integrated with web-based systems or accessed with a ... [May. 1, 2000]

XML-RPC Debugger

This is a simple debugger for software implementing the XML-RPC protocol. XML text for a procedure call is entered into the online form and submitted to one of the available servers for checking and... [May. 24, 2000]

XML-RPC Flash Client

XML-RPC Flash Client enables the building of an Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC) client in Macromedia Flash. The distribution provides an ActionScript file to be included... [Aug. 3, 2001]

XML-RPC for Active Server Pages

This is a downloadable code link for an implementation of XML-RPC in Active Server Pages. There is both a client and a server. Links for client examples and instructions for implementing a server ar... [May. 24, 2000]

XML-RPC Library

Secret Labs' xmlrpclib module is an implementation of the XML-RPC protocol that is tightly integrated with Python to make it easier to call remote methods. The marshalling and parsing classes p... [Aug. 12, 2001]

XML-RPC Specification

This document describes the Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC) messaging protocol implemented in UserLand Software's Frontier. XML-RPC allows a computing device to access ... [May. 17, 2000]


This is a very useful site for information and software about XMLRPC,... [Nov. 4, 1999]


Zope is a Python-based Open Source application server with built-in support for WebDAV and XML-RPC. Zope comes with its own XML parser (written in C). Zope's object-oriented content database can be e... [Dec. 14, 1999]