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Oracle's release of XSQL Pages is packed with enhancements like a new tutorial, annotated demos and new commands that let you nest queries and results from one XSQL page insid... [Jan. 30, 2000]

Oracle Business Component Editor for Linux Developers

The Business Component Editor (BCE) allows Linux developers to leverage the productivity and benefits provided by Oracle Business Components for Java, a standards-based, server-side framework for cr... [Jun. 19, 2000]

Oracle Internet Platform ISV Development Kit Release 2.0

Describes an 8i-based packaged solution from Oracle that is compatible with Standard Edition, v.8.1.5 and v.8.0.5, of the Oracle database. The Kit adds many core components for the curre... [Mar. 22, 2000]

Oracle JDeveloper 3.1

Oracle JDeveloper is a Java application development environment for building Java and XML applications, especially for e-business applications on the internet. Features include generation of XML doc... [May. 7, 2000]

Oracle XML Developer's Kit

Oracle XML Developer's Kit (XDK) is a collection of utilities for manipulating XML in Oracle databases. The Java-based suite is available in versions for Java, JavaBeans, C, C++ and PL/SQL dev... [Nov. 15, 2002]


A web-based desktop web development application built in eXtensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC). It's basically a limited version of Frontier; a HTML and XML editor, outliner, o... [Apr. 11, 2000]

Using XML in Oracle Database Applications

Inner workings of Oracle database software XML generation, processing and interactions described and illustrated.... [Nov. 29, 1999]

XML Database Products

An overview and classification of the rapidly expanding number of products for using XML with databases. Products are divided into six categories (Middleware, XML-Enabled Databases, XML Servers, XML... [Jul. 18, 2000]

XML, Java, databases and the Web

A high level overview of creating real-world server side Java and XML software solutions, with a discussion of the benefits of Java XML systems. Learn how the technologies ("the pieces of the puzzle... [Jun. 24, 1999]