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Chapter 3: Producing SAX2 Events

Producing SAX2 Events is a chapter excerpted from David Brownell's book SAX2, published by O'Reilly & Associates. The chapter covers XMLReader, an interface that must be implemented by an XML parser'... [Jan. 27, 2002]

Objects, Objects Everywhere Data binding from XML to Java applications: Part 1

There are three three methods of accessing XML data from Java, including via the Document Object Model (DOM) or Simple API for XML (SAX) Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This tutorial ... [Jul. 1, 2000]

Parsing XML

This is a download link for a PDF file containing the chapter "Parsing XML", excerpted from Java and XML, by Brett McLaughlin, published by O'Reilly and Associates. The chapter, posted by Sun's Java... [Sep. 10, 2000]

Regular Fragmentations

Regular Fragmentations applies regular expressions during parsing to break textual content into fragments. Built upon the filtering abilities of Simple Application Programming Interface for XML 2.... [Aug. 13, 2001]

Sax 2 Jumpstart

This SAX 2 quickstart tutorial shows how to construct a "bare-bones" application that uses the MSXML SAX2 to read an XML document and print the document's tags to the console. Includes downloadable ... [Jun. 1, 2000]

Serial Access with the Simple API for XML (SAX)

This tutorial introduces the event-driven mechanism for accessing XML documents, SAX. This is the fastest and least memory-intensive protocol for dealing with XML documents, but it requires much mor... [Mar. 21, 2000]

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The Joy of SAX

This tutorial introduces programming SAX2 from Visual Basic. The author also explores some of the nice features of an event-based parser, such as the ability to abort parsing if user-defined conditi... [Jul. 21, 2000]

Using Saxon's Java API in PHP4 to transform XML

In this tutorial the author begins by introducing PHP4's Java support and the increasing support for eXtensible Style Language Tranformations (XSLT), then explains how how to use the Saxon XSLT ... [Jul. 11, 2000]

Using the SAX Interface of LibXML

A comparison of using SAX vs. DOM for reading XML documents, geared towards the user with some understanding of DOM who is curious about SAX. Some examples will be clearest to those having some ... [Jul. 9, 1999]

Working XML: Link management and preparing the future

This is a tutorial article on using XSLT Make (XM) by its developer, Benoit Marchal, who is also the author of Applied XML Solutions, XML in the Enterprise, and XML by Example. XM is a complete a... [Oct. 28, 2001]

Xerces Java: Quick Start

This tutorial is a quick start guide to using the open source Xerces Java XML Parser from Apache Software Foundation (also known as Xerces-J, or Xerces). The piece provides an overview to Xerces pro... [Dec. 11, 2000]

XML APIs for databases

A tutorial on tapping the information residing in databases utilizing a Java implementation of XML SAX and DOM APIs, which can work with any database with a JDBC driver. Source and samples are downl... [Apr. 18, 2000]