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Microsoft System.XML (.NET XML Parser)

Link: http://www.stylusstudio.com/microsoft/systemxml.html
Source Author or Organization: Stylus Studio

Microsoft System.XML is the official XML processing API for Microsoft .NET. The recently released Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, which included Microsoft System.XML 2.0. Stylus Studio provides fully integrated tools support for both Microsoft System.XML 1.0 and System.XML 2.0, allowing Microsoft developers ensure compatibility between their development environment and their production environments. Using Stylus Studio and System.XML together, you could:

  • Transform an XSLT stylesheet
  • Debug an XSLT stylesheet
  • Parse an XML Document using System.XML's DOM Parser
  • Parse an XML Document using the System.XML SAX Parser
  • Validate an XML document using a DTD
  • Validate an XML document using an XML Schema
  • Many other common XML processing operations