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XML Schema Editor

Link: http://www.stylusstudio.com/xml_schema_editor.html
Source Author or Organization: Stylus Studio

The XML Schema Editor provides an intuitive, visual way to create data models expressed in W3C XML Schema. Stylus Studio's XML Schema Editor provides a synchronized, split-pane interface which simultaneously displays both a visual XML Schema Diagram and the underlying XML Schema code - any changes made in one pane is immediately reflected in the other. The Stylus Studio XML Schema Editor provides both an advanced and simplified visual editing mode - in the advanced mode, you have complete control over all aspects of XML schema design where as in the simplified XML schema diagram, certain assumptions are made, for example, if you create an element with child elements, it is assumed to be a ComplexType. The short-cut menu lets you add any XML Schema component, for example: Annotations, Attributes, Attribute Groups, ComplexTypes, Elements, Groups, Notations, SimpleTypes, etc. You can import or include any schema component, thus encouraging modular XML schema design. It's easy to restrict or extend an XML schema through the use of various wizards. Download a free trial of the Stylus Studio XML Schema Editor today.