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XML Development RSS and Atom Feeds

Link: http://www.stylusstudio.com/feeds/
Source Author or Organization: Stylus Studio

Stylus Studio, a provider of XML tools and XML processing components has published a series of XML feeds in RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3 format to help developers to keep up with XML development news.

Developers are encouraged to point their RSS / Atom newsreaders to the following new feeds:

General XML News Feeds

Stylus Studio NewsWire (RSS 2.0)
Stylus Studio News from PR.com (RSS 2.0)
The XML Development Blog (Atom 0.3)

Stylus Studio Developer Network (RSS 2.0)

Stylus Studio Feature Requests
Stylus Studio Technical Forum
Stylus Studio Website Feedback
XSLT Help and Discussion
XQuery Help and Discussion
Stylus Studio Code Samples & Utilities
Stylus Studio Announcements

XML Development Forums

XML-DEV RSS 2.0 and XML DEV Atom 0.3
XSL-List RSS 2.0 and XSL-List Atom 0.3
XQuery Talk RSS 2.0 and XQuery Talk Atom 0.3
XML Schema-DEV RSS 2.0 and XML Schema-DEV Atom 0.3