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Xindice (dbXml) Browser

Date: May. 31, 2002
Link: http://www.schatten.info/software/xindice_browser/xindice_browser.html
Source Author or Organization: Alexander Schatten

Xindice browser is a Java Swing application for browsing documents, collections, tree views and source served by Apache Software Foundation's Xindice native XML database (formerly known as dbXML).

The program supports the "xindice" and "xindiceadmin" command line applications, and the database may be queried with XML Path Language (XPath). This page provides installation instructions, a screenshot of the interface and instructions on adding a new view.

Xindice Brower supports Windows, Linux, MacOS X and other platforms with a Java 2 runtime environment. It requires Apache Ant, Apache Log4j and JDOM. Xindice Browser is distributed under an open source license (notify the original author about major changes to the source).