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Date: Mar. 4, 2002
Link: http://www.voxpilot.com/voxbuilder/contVoxBuilder
Source Author or Organization: voxBuilder, voxpilot

voxBuilder is a free VoiceXML Online Development Environment (ODE). After a brief registration, the user receives free local and remote Voice Services Platform (VSP) hosting with voice development workspace, tools and services.

The development environment provides tools for VoiceXML syntax validation, a File Manager designed to handle several projects and a real-time log viewer. The user has access to the voxpilot Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) -based application component suite, published as VoiceXML sub-dialogs, for rapid application development. The environment supports VoiceXML, ECMAScript, PHP, Java ServerPages (JSP) and Active Server Pages (ASP) applications. Applications are deployed on an Oracle database and WebLogic application server and are secure and scalable.

voxBuilder supports all major European languages, and free access numbers are available for European customers. This page provides links to voxBuilder documentation and a VoiceXML Document Type Definition (DTD) that includes voxpilot modifications.