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Date: Jan. 9, 2002
Link: http://www.physiome.org.nz/anatml/pages/index.html
Source Author or Organization: Bioengineering Research Group, Department of Engineering Science, University of Auckland

Anatomical Markup Language (AnatML) is an XML-based language for describing anatomy, in particular for modeling the human musculoskeletal system, and facilitating data exchange among contributing scientists. It is part of the Musculoskeletal Modelling Project, which applies mathematical modelling to physiology to study the relationship between organ systems and their underlying structure. The Musculoskeletal Modelling Project is a division of the University of Auckland's Physiome Project.

This site provides links to the AnatML specification and the AnatML online database, which requires the Continuum Mechanics, Image analysis, Signal processing and System Identification (CMISS) plugin. It also links to documentation for creating your own AnatML database Web site and Extensible Style Language Transformations (XSLT) and Javascript libraries for generating an AnatML database site.