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Date: Jul. 21, 2001
Link: http://www.lucin.com/toolkit/toolkitpro.htm
Source Author or Organization: Michael Clark, Lucin PLC

SOAP:Net provides developers a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) client front-end that automatically generates Visual Basic (VB) or Javascript code for creating web services.

SOAP:Net offers embedded encryption for secure transactions, support for Web Services Definition Language (WSDL), multiple SOAP requests and HTTP. It also includes a suite of Component Object Model (COM) components and the ability to connect to the Server Application Library (SAL) Network, a SOAP library of Web services. SAL currently offers free hosing to VB-based Web services, as well as a tutorial on building a Web service with SOAP:Net.

A free demonstration version of SOAP:Net is available for download on Windows 95/98/NT/2000.