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Date: Apr. 18, 2001
Link: http://jxunit.sourceforge.net/
Source Author or Organization: Bill la Forge, Peter liang, Robert Leftwich, Thomas P. Varghese, Ashish Tiwari, Mats Henricson, Sarj

Java/XML Extension of JUnit (JXUnit) is a scripting system for unit testing that extends Quick and JUnit.

The XML-based approach separates test data from test code. The Java XML Unit (JXU) XML-based markup language is used to write test scripts (descriptions of the series of steps to be performed in testing). JXU test scripts are converted into a collection of objects, and the relationship between the objects and the markup language is described in a Quick Java Markup Language (QJML) document. The Quick utility is used to convert QJML files into a useable form for running tests. Because of the separation of test data and test code, the same test may be run with multiple data files.

JXUnit requires Quick, JUnit and the Jakarta Project's Regexp open source regular expression package. JXUnit is distributed under a modified Berkely Software/Standard Distribution (BSD) license.