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 Sacre SVG

Exploring the W3C's Scalable Vector Graphics language.

Big Lists in Small Spaces
After a long hiatus, our Sacré SVG columnist, Fabio Arciniegas, returns with a technique for displaying large lists or trees of information in small spaces.
[May. 4, 2005]

SVG At the Movies
Antoine Quint returns with a new column about SVG -- this time he focuses on the interesting new features for video integration in SVG 1.2.
[Oct. 13, 2004]

Mobile SVG
Antoine Quint returns with a look at the growing market for implementations of the SVG Mobile specification.
[Aug. 18, 2004]

SVG and Typography: Animation
In the final part of our series on SVG and typography, we cover using animation with type.
[Jun. 30, 2004]

Going Mobile With SVG: Standards
While SVG 1.2 will arrive soon, the rise and rise of SVG on mobile devices is both important and exciting.
[Jun. 16, 2004]

SVG and Typography: Bells and Whistles
This third installment of our look at typography in SVG introduces the SVG versions of well-known effects such as blurs, shadows, gradients and bevels.
[Jun. 2, 2004]

SVG and Typography: Characters
In this second part of our discussion of SVG and typography we explore some time-honored practices of typographic excellence.
[May. 12, 2004]

SVG and Typography
Few things have as much power to make or break a visual work as typography. This article demonstrates good-look and appropriate use of typography within SVG.
[Apr. 7, 2004]

SVG's Past and Promising Future
In this month's SVG column, Antoine Quint looks back at SVG's journey through 2002 and looks forward to 2003.
[Dec. 4, 2002]

Introducing Mutation Events
In his latest exploration of SVG, Antoine Quint introduces DOM Mutation Events as a way to integrate custom components more fully.
[Oct. 9, 2002]

Simple Text Wrapping
In his latest SVG column, Antoine Quint explains how to implement text wrapping in SVG.
[Sep. 11, 2002]

SVG Tips and Tricks: Adobe's SVG Viewer
Antoine Quint takes a look at the special features available in the most popular SVG viewer around, Adobe's SVG Viewer 3.0.
[Jul. 3, 2002]

Extending SVG for XForms
This month's SVG column, the first of a two-part series, explains the first steps in using SVG, CSS, and EcmaScript to build XForms applications.
[May. 22, 2002]

Hot and Fresh Technology for the Enterprise
This month's SVG column takes a step back from SVG's use for end-user graphics and examines its potential in the enterprise context.
[Apr. 17, 2002]

SVG Tips and Tricks, Part One
In this month's SVG column Antoine Quint offers some tips and tricks for creating more useful and impressive SVG animations.
[Mar. 27, 2002]

Doing That Drag Thang
This month's SVG column explores the coordination of SVG animation and JavaScript programming in order to create a click-and-drag effect.
[Feb. 27, 2002]

Digging Animation
The first installment of our new SVG column takes a look at animation and how SVG compares to Flash.
[Jan. 23, 2002]

SVG: Where Are We Now?
SVG expert Antoine Quint surveys the current state of tool support for the W3C's Scalable Vector Graphics Recommendation.
[Nov. 21, 2001]