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NRG Address Validation

Version: 1.3
Company: NRG Software, LLC.


NRG Address Validation provides integrated address management inside of FileMaker Pro, as a standalone Mac OS X or windows application, or as a web service. Why do you need to implement address management in your databases? First, it will help to reduce undeliverable-as-addressed mail that results from inaccurate addresses. By reducing undeliverable mail you can lower the costs of postage and printing by removing invalid addresses before you send your mailing. Second, if you are sending parcel shipments many couriers will tack on surcharges for residential, rural, and address correction. By utilizing Delivery Point Validation™ (DPV), Residential Delivery Indicators™ (RDI), rural flags and address validation you can very quickly realize great savings by reducing additional delivery charges.

Availability: Immediate

More Information: http://www.nrgsoft.com/products/index.lasso?id=7

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