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Hive XML Content Management System

Version: 1.2
Company: Icewrx Inc


Up to now, the use of XML by organizations has been constrained by the lack of an easy to use and intuitive content management system. Existing systems are difficult to use and require an in-depth knowledge of XML to add new information and edit and manage existing information. Icewrx has changed this with the introduction of the Hive Content Management System (HiveCMS), a powerful yet simple to operate system that will manage content in XML format. Using the HiveCMS: o A non-technical person can view, edit and add data to an existing XML file; o A content manager can manipulate XML content locally or remotely; o An organisation can make wider use of XML format for flexible data storage, presentation and interchange. HiveCMS will deliver: o Flexibility. An organization can extend the core language with new tags representing new data structures and business rules. o Separation of data from presentation. XML handles data only, leaving other languages (HTML, WML, etc.) to cater for presentational aspects of the document. o Efficiency. With separation of data from presentation, the data is entered once only. The stylesheets format that data to be displayed and manipulated according to the needs. Thus, the same data set can displayed on a PC, PDA and cellular phone, without changes to that data set. o Data interchange possibilities. With XML, the interchange of data between organizations becomes easier; it is a matter of converting it from one XML to another. o Legacy systems possibilities. XML frees the organizationís legacy data to be used and manipulated on the Web. Changing to HiveCMS will not mean changing a software or hardware platform in the organisation, keep your existing database, CRM, ERP, etc. o Cost-effectiveness. Use non-technical personnel to manage XML data; and manage your XML data from anywhere in the organisation.

Typical Applications: Intranet, web site, extranet, product catalogues

Availability: Now

More Information: http://www.hivecms.com

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