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<oXygen/> XML editor

Version: 1.2
Company: SyncRO Soft Ltd


<oXygen/> XML editor is a Java-based XML editor with support for XML, XSL, TXT, XSD and DTD documents. Oxygen shows that Java should be the base of an XML editor; this can be proved by the development dynamics of Oxygen and by the availability on many platforms. It has Unicode support and the interface messages are translated in English, French, German, Italian and Romanian. The main goal of Oxygen is to be a tool easy to use and to make tasks shorter, thus it offers end tag auto-completion and a powerful code insight that guide the user to write valid XML content. The code insight can follow a DTD structure, an XML schema structure or even can detect the structure of a partial edited document allowing the rest of the document to be created about 5 times faster than before. A very important thing is manipulating XML content and XSLT is the normal way to this, thus XML and XSL documents can be easily associated one with the other and the transformation results can be viewed through different views like text, XML, HTML. An XPath console is present to assist the user in testing the results of XPath expressions.

<oXygen/> validates XML, XSL and XSD content, reporting eventual errors with description and line number information. More documents can be logically organized in projects. To open a file in Oxygen you can also drag and drop it on top of the editor or on Windows it can be associated with file extensions. The syntax highlight allows a nice view of the XML documents and the colors can be customized. If the indentation is not right then the pretty print facility will solve this. The multiple document interface was put in the form of tabbed panels allowing a more robust behavior compared with the classic MDI interfaces.

Last but not least Oxygen can be easily run over the web. You can give it a try right now, just click here

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Oxygen, a Java XML editor, supports XML, XSD, XSL, DTD. Offers validation for XML, XSD, XSL and DTD. Features XSLT transformation, FOP support, browser preview, Unicode, automatic DTD generation, syntax highlight and code insight.

More Information: http://www.oxygenxml.com

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