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X3 XML Search Engine

Version: 1.1
Company: DocSoft LLC


X3 indexes XML data according to individual tags, rather than to a document. This provides true context-senstive searching of XML documents. For instance, you may index <tspara> tags as "Troubleshooting Information", or index <topic> tags as "Topics", or <warning> tags as "Warnings" or "Important Information". X3 will allow you to index each tag as a separate entity. If you choose to index the <topic> tag, then the X3 indexing engine would index every word contained within the <topic> and </topic> tags. In this case, the entire text would be indexed. While this is a bit useful, X3 show the results as "Topic" and link you to this specfic topic contained within the XML document. But X3 can take it even further. You could also index the <tspara> tags as "Troubleshooting Information", and be linked directly to this point in the document. You could also index <step> tags as "Troubleshooting Steps", and be linked directly to each step that returns a hit. Anywhere there is an attribute that can be transformed to an HTML anchor tag, X3 can index, provide true context-sensitive searches, and link you directly to the point in the document where the search string is located, with search terms highlighted. X3 is available in 3 different media: for stand-alone systems (CD-ROM), as a server-based search engine, or available as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) application.

Typical Applications: CD-ROM, Server and Wireless search engines

Availability: Server and wireless versions require MS-SQL server or Oracle. Price depends on usage and number of servers.

More Information: http://www.docsoft.com/x3Info.htm

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