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XPath Visualiser

Version: 1.3
Company: VBXML.COM


From a forthcoming Press Release:
"The XPath Visualizer's value as an XML, XSLT and XPath learning and authoring tool  results from its ability to present the results of any XPath expression in an  immediate, appealing and straightforward visualization.
Unquestionably this is the most advanced, powerful and easy to use XPath developer tool.
What is XPath?
To understand XPath we must first understand it's big sister... XSL. 
XSL is a powerful language for programming and lends itself easily to manipulating XML.  This makes XSL extremely important in the world of B2B and the upcoming Internet technologies such as UDDI.
However, without the power of a separate (but related) technology called XPath, XSL would not be so powerful.  Why?  Well, it's rather like building a calculator while limiting the complexity of the calculations which can be done by that calculator!
This is a full blown Visual XPath Interpreter for the evaluation of any XPath expression and visual presentation of the resulting values.
Is it user-friendly?
The expandable/collapsible syntax color-coded display of the source XML Document is the same as done by default by Microsoft Internet Explorer.
What will XPath Visualizer be used for?
  1. Composing the exact XPath expression when designing an XSLT stylesheet.
  2. As a "nodeset view" in a watch window of an XSLT debugger.
  3. Conveniently obtaining subsets of elements by defining and referencing xsl:variables and xsl:keys.
  4. Obtaining any quantitative measures of the xml source by evaluating expressions that return a scalar.
  5. Learning and playing with XPath expressions.
  6. Learning and playing with xsl:variables and xsl:keys.
  7. As a good example how to process completely un-anticipated XML documents using "push processing".
What's new in xPath Visualizer 1.3?
The major new feature is the ability to assist the user in dynamically specifying their own xsl:key elements and to use the key() function in their XPath expressions.  
The XPath Visualizer remembers and makes available to manage and reuse any previously entered expression, variable or key definition. 
The source XML Document is displayed with any node hi-lighted that satisfies the XPath expression.
In case the expression evaluates to a scalar (string | number | boolean) then it is displayed in a separate window.
VBXML.COM is a highly focused community-builder where visitors and community leaders in the XML industry are encouraged to assist in creating community projects.
VBXML.COM aims to foster 30 XML-related projects, driven by the various VBXML community channels, each year.
The projects can range from online source code providers to Visual Development environments.  One major current focus is UDDI and the spectacular impact expected from this new technology.
VBXML.COM was formed in March 1999"

Typical Applications: XSLT Authoring, Learning XPath and XSLT

Availability: Now, requires MSXML3 and IE

More Information: http://www.vbxml.com/xpathvisualizer

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