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Sean McGrath

Sean McGrath is the Technical Director of Digitome Electronic Publishing. His interests center around data modelling, data visualization and markup languages. Sean has written several books on XML and SGML, published by Prentice-Hall. He is also a keen Python developer.
Website: http://www.digitome.com/sean.html

Articles by this author:

RAX: An XML Database API
Neither SAX nor DOM are well-suited to processing database-generated XML. RAX is a record-oriented API to XML data that reduces the overhead and complexity of handling XML generated from databases. [Apr. 26, 2000]

Python Implementation of RAX
A Python implementation of RAX, the record-oriented API for XML. [Apr. 26, 2000]

Ingeniously combining concepts from SGML with the ethos of simplicity, Pyxie presents a powerful alternative to existing methods for processing XML. [Mar. 15, 2000]

XML Processing with Python
XML'99 got underway Sunday with tutorials from XML experts. Today we bring you a taste of those tutorials from Sean McGrath, who is teaching a course on XML with Python. Sean presents an overview of the popular language, and some sample XML processing programs. [Dec. 6, 1999]