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Bijan Parsia

Bijan Parsia is a PhD candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His research interests non-exhaustively include epistemology, early modern philosophers, the philosophy of mathematics, logic, feminism, oppression theory, and the philosophy of computer science. He's a regular contributor to Monkeyfist.com and has co-authored a chapter in the forthcoming anthology, Squeak: Open Personal Computing and Multimedia.

Articles by this author:

RDF Applications with Prolog
In the second article in our series on RDF and Prolog, we compare the use of Prolog and XSLT to render RDF into HTML. [Jul. 25, 2001]

An Introduction to Prolog and RDF
In the first of a series on creating Semantic Web applications with Prolog, Bijan Parsia introduces Prolog and its use in processing RDF. [Apr. 25, 2001]

Functional Programming and XML
Current XML programming practice is dominated heavily by object-oriented techniques, but are we missing out on new and innovative ways of handling XML? Find out in our whistle-stop tour of functional programming and XML.  [Feb. 14, 2001]