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Chimezie Ogbuji

Chimezie is a Lead Systems Analyst with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation's department of Cardiothoracic Surgery where he's currently involved in advanced database system's research for the purpose of designing an unprecedented semi-structured database for facilitating the collection of patient data for clinical studies. He has over 7 years of experience in the area of XML and RDF consulting, technical writing, and software development and have published a handful of articles and tutorials in various online journals including: IT World, IBM Developer Works, and XML.com.
Website: http://metacognition.info

Articles by this author:

Versa: Path-Based RDF Query Language
Chimezie Ogbuji describes Versa, one of the first RDF query languages to be pathcentric, taking cues from XPath. [Jul. 20, 2005]

Visualizing XSLT in SVG
XSLT stylesheets can rapidly become difficult to understand for anyone but their original author. By using XSLT on itself, this article demonstrates how to create a diagram explaining the flow of control within a stylesheet. [Jun. 4, 2003]

Editing XML Data Using XUpdate and HTML Forms
This article shows how XSLT and XUpdate can enable easy generation of HTML forms for web applications that need to let the user edit XML data through the browser. [Jun. 12, 2002]

Validating XML with Schematron
Schematron is an XSLT-based language for validating XML documents. This article explains why schema languages are required and introduces the principles behind Schematron. [Nov. 22, 2000]