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XML Annoyances A column by Micah Dubinko.
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Is XML 2.0 Under Development? By Micah Dubinko
In Micah Dubinko's return to the XML Annoyances banner, he speculates as to whether the W3C is already considering whether to start work on XML 2.0. Read this piece and decide for yourself. [Jan. 10, 2007]

Cracks in the Foundation By Micah Dubinko
Micah Dubinko takes aim at the legion of annoyances caused by XML namespaces. [Nov. 8, 2006]

JSON on the Web, or: The Revenge of SML By Simon St. Laurent
Simon St. Laurent looks back to see if we can all learn a lesson or two: were there signs early on in the life of XML that something like JSON would eventually do very well as a Web data format? [Jul. 5, 2006]

The Next Web? By Simon St. Laurent
Simon St. Laurent steps up to ask which of the competing visions for the next stage of the Web's development have borne fruit, including the latest contender: Web 2.0 and AJAX. [Mar. 15, 2006]

The Power of No By Micah Dubinko
In his latest XML Annoyances column Micah Dubinko examines a common force behind the good and bad aspects of XML. [Feb. 1, 2006]

XML 2005: Tipping Sacred Cows By Micah Dubinko
In his latest XML Annoyances column, Micah Dubinko reports from last week's XML 2005 conference in Atlanta. [Nov. 23, 2005]

Microformats and Web 2.0 By Micah Dubinko
Micah Dubinko begins a new column, XML Annoyances, which will explore what's happening to and with XML, and beyond, as the era of core XML specifications comes to a close. Micah will be paying special attention to the parts of XML that don't seem to work as well as they should--or just the parts that are the most annoying. In this first column, he looks at the role of microformats in Web 2.0 apps and services. [Oct. 19, 2005]