Xyvision to link to Open Text workflow

December 17, 1998

The Seybold Report on Internet Publishing
Vol. 3, No. 2

Xyvision announced plans to integrate its Parlance Document Manager with Open Text's Livelink system. The integration recognizes that Xyvision corporate customers—typically a documentation department—may want to take advantage of a company-wide license to Livelink for project management and workflow.

Xyvision is doing the integration. At this point, the company can set up the system to jump out of a Xyvision workflow process, hand over to Livelink a package—such as a document to be reviewed—and accept the package back and continue the Xyvision workflow when the package returns from Livelink. It is not seamless, but Xyvision hopes to make the fit a little more snug by next year.