XMLNews XML/XSL Combination Viewer
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For more information regarding XMLNews, please visit http://www.xmlnews.org/.
This stylesheet application is based on a number of XML control files for the presentation of XML data files and XSL stylesheets for selective viewing.
The list of collections of files is an XML file named "collections.xml" and is rendered using the XSL stylesheet "collections.msxsl" into the frame immediately below as a selection list. Selecting a collection of files will present the data files and stylesheets of that collection for rendering.
Each collection of files is an XML file listing the names of XML data files and XSL stylesheets and is rendered using XSL into frame below the list of collections. The collection of files is rendered using the "controls.msxsl" stylesheet. The first XML data file and the first XSL stylesheet are loaded into the frame at the right. Selecting other XML data files or XSL stylesheets will render the new combination in the frame at the right. A number of diagnostic stylesheets is listed below the list of files to illustrate different views of the data.
This stylesheet application uses the Microsoft ActiveX DOM Object to dynamically change the rendering of an XML and XSL pair of files.
The scripting and stylesheet logic has been tested with Internet Explorer 5 Version 5.00.2014.0216 only.